Gold Fish Animated Wallpaper

Gold Fish Animated Wallpaper 1.0

Gold Fish Animated Wallpaper adds an animated underwater background

Gold Fish Animated Wallpaper will add an animated underwater background to your desktop.
Thus, you will see gold fishes swimming around in your screen with all kinds of seaweeds in the background, with sunrays lightening the whole scene while you use your computer, thanks to the Window’s Active Desktop feature.

Once run, this program will replace your current desktop wallpaper and will place a tiny icon on your system tray. Right clicking on it you will be able to access the system’s configuration, to tell the program to stretch the animation to fit the screen, to exit the program or to access the developer’s site to get more wallpapers.

The Settings option will allow you to open the FAQ in the developer’s site, to hide the settings window, to tell the program to show or hide that window when the program starts, and to set the program as part of your Windows startup.

The demo version will show the animated background for some minutes, and then will change your background for a plain black screen. At least when using Windows 7, you will have to set the background back to Slideshow if you want to run the program again.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It shows a nice animated background in your screen


  • It is somehow tricky when running under Windows 7
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